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Try something a out of the norm, instead of a condo, a second house, a motor home or lodge try a static caravan in isle of wight.


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A static caravan is a type of caravaning holiday that uses buildings that have been vacant for some time. Generally, they are used by caravanners as an alternative to motorhomes.

They offer many advantages over a touring caravan and can be purchased from a variety of locations. If you are looking for a static caravan for sale in the UK, the Internet can prove to be a useful tool to find one. The following list contains the latest sales of static caravans for sale in the Isle of Wight.

Caravan Park Lease Developments: Owned by developers who specialise in caravan park developments, these caravans can usually be found at attractive prices. The Caravan Park Developments website includes a comprehensive range of information about how to purchase a static caravan. Please remember: All caravans listed on this website are operated by independent third parties. The owners of these cars have no association with the Caravan Park Developments company orĀ static caravans for sale isle of wight.

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A Frame Caravan Park a popular choice among caravanners

A-frame Caravan Park: This type of static caravan is a popular choice among caravanners who prefer the traditional caravan look but who don’t like the high cost of buying a new model. A-frames can also accommodate additional equipment such as a microwave oven. To find a sale of A-frames in the Isle of Wight, contact B & M Caravan. They are situated in Newquay and offer all types of caravans, including A-frames. They regularly hold A-frame caravans for sale in the summer months. Static Caravans For Sale Isle Of Wight recommend them as an option to think about.


Cottonwood Caravan Park

Cottonwood Caravan Park: Located close to the town of St Ives, Cottonwood is a lovely village that has evolved through the centuries into a thriving community. Cottonwood’s traditional cobbled streets and designated street shopping areas add to the relaxed, friendly feel of this delightful town. When looking for cottonwood caravans for sale in the Isle of Wight, you should take a visit to Cottonwood.

Ford Farm Site

If you’re looking for an old style wooden caravan that doesn’t require a trailer, look for Ford Farm Site. This rustic beauty is located on the banks of the River Stour and is ideal for visitors who like to spend time sampling the local culture. Farm site caravans are built in a traditional manner using traditional timbers. Several types of wood are used and you’ll find several caravans here that date back more than 200 years!

Ashlar Court Lodge

Ashlar Court Lodge is a delightful hotel that offers guests the chance to sample a traditional English countryside lifestyle. The Lodge is set amongst rolling acres of pebbles and moorland. Walking from the car park to your front door provides an excellent view over the surrounding area. Ashlar Court Caravans is available for sale at many of the Ashlar Court Lodge on the Isle of Wight, England. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this beautifully designed hotel as you take in the beauty of the countryside. Ashlar Court is also a great place to stay as it provides a wide range of accommodation.

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The Highhold Caravan Park: The Houghton Caravan Park is one of the best places to experience rural life in the UK. Set amongst stunning pebbles and packed with wildlife, the park is perfect for people who want to get up close and personal with some of the local birds and wildlife. There are plenty of static caravans for sale in the Isle of Wight that you could consider purchasing, but the Houghton Park is the most popular. It also has a huge visitor centre, so you will need to have your passport and evidence of insurance before booking.

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West Wight Caravan Parks

West Wight Caravan Parks: Many people choose to holiday in the West Wight area of the UK. West Wight has many beautiful beaches and there are many popular caravanning sites to rent or buy. The parks vary in size and number of caravans available, but they are all excellent locations to go caravanning. There is everything from wood to aluminum caravans available in West Wight; meaning that there is something for everyone’s budget.

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Wightbay caravans for sale

Wightbay Caravans For Sale If you are in the market to buy a caravan that you can use as a holiday home or even a